13 Important Things You Should Never Include In Your CV

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12:00 pm 31 Jan, 2016

If you want to nail an interview, you need to have some solid qualification and a really good resume. So, here are few important things which you should never include in your CV.


1. Never include any irrelevant work experience which is not related to your job in any way.

Always remember, work experience that has no relation with your present job has no value in your CV.


2. Avoid writing about your religion, marital status or your lucky charms.

If asked by the interviewer, you can share your views on religion and keep your point of view in front of him.


3. Remember that you should never include anything about your ex boss, even if you had a bad experience there.

Be positive with the whole scenario, even if you hated him.


4. If you haven’t worked as a manager in a firm for 5 years, don’t speak about it.

Giving false information about your job experience can land you in trouble.


5. Even if you think, you have a great grammar skills, keep your CV simple and understandable.

Never use any words or concepts that would make your CV look complicated.


6. Your hobby will not make a difference in your selection.

Nobody cares about your hobbies, and hence you should avoid including them in your resume.


7. Writing too much about yourself, your experience or your qualification should be avoided.

Keep everything short and to the point.


8. Never mention the reference; if the interviewer is curious enough to know, he will surely ask you.


9. Even if you have struggled a lot with your career, avoid writing negative thoughts in your CV.

Doing this can create a negative impression in front of your interviewer.


10. These days, formats of resumes are easily available on the net and hence giving a CV with messy indents and unequal spacing is never an excuse.

Avoid inserting too many things in one piece of paper.


11. Avoid mentioning very personal details because your resume will be floating in the busy office and can be picked up by anyone.


12. Avoid using too many boring words! Try to jazz up with unique and good words.

If you want to use some unique words, try using a thesaurus.


13. Never include any detail about your family or your children. If they want to know about your family, they will ask you.

Including your family detail in your CV is such a waste.


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