18 Things You Should Do Before Going On A Date

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5:00 pm 28 Jul, 2015

So, it is your special day out with the handsome hunk or gorgeous girl. You are desperately looking forward for it. But don’t spoil it because of over excitement or foolishness. Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind to before heading off. Leave no complaints and make no complaints.

1. Background check of your date.

Especially if it is your first date.


2. Shop for the perfect dress.

Prefer a comfortable attire.


3. Make sure to treat your bad breath.

Carry a spray mint!


4. Charge your phone for a few selfies.


5. But keep it on silent to avoid it from buzzing every minute.

You don’t want a romantic moment to be disturbed as a result.


6. Have a shower.

Of course! You want to look fresh, don’t you?


7. Wear the right perfume for your date.


8. Get some sleep before heading off to your date.

You don’t want to end up yawning!


9. Maybe, rehearse a couple of things to say.

Don’t appear to be over-prepared and don’t push for a conversation when it is not required.


10. Don’t forget to carry money.

Follow the 50-50 rule.


11. Be ready before time.

It’s better not to rush in the last minute.


12. Decide a venue and avoid the long decision-making delay.


13. De-stress yourself to avoid sounding hyper during conversations.


14. Brighten your skin with apt make-up.

Don’t overdo.


15. Whiten your teeth.

As you will be smiling often.


16. Speak to your friends if you get too anxious.

Feel confident.


17. Do your hair well, so that you don’t end up getting nervous about your appearance.


18. Empty your bowel.

Well, to avoid uncontrollable washroom breaks.



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