25 Things You Only Say To Your Best Friend

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10:00 am 16 Jul, 2015

The reason why your best friend is your best friend is because you can just say anything to him/her without being bothered about what they might think. No wonder we have a list of 25 things you could easily say to your friends, which could have been even longer. But for now, thank your friend for just being there to listen to all that you blabber about.

1. “I don’t want to talk right now.”


2. “I have my chums/period/curse from the gods.”


3. “Can we cancel the rock concert?”


4. “That dress looks hideous on you, don’t buy it.”


5. “Tell me how should I approach that hunk guy.”


6. “I am having a nervous breakdown and I want you to talk to me.”

Though its 3 am in the morning, your friend doesn’t complaint.


7. “Can you keep a secret? I cheated on my boyfriend.”


8. “I am broke, can you lend me some money?”

And she says…


9. “You cannot pull off that bob haircut.”


10. “I kind of have a big crush on your brother.”


11. “He probably didn’t like you that’s why he stood you up.”


12. “My FB password is ******.”


13. “I am just earning xx in a month; what about you?”


14. “Hey, I am gonna wear that dress your mom gifted you on your birthday.”

She sure is glad enough to share accessories as well.


15. “My actual weight is a little more than yours.”


16. “You are going to stick with me in that lame party.”


17. “I don’t want to see you again.”

The next minute you text her saying ‘Already missing you’.


18. “You have to watch this movie even if you don’t want to.”


19. “Let’s have a drink!”


20. “You hurt me when you said…”


21. “Can you sleep with me today?”


22. “I just farted, please ignore!”


23. “Your hair looks greasy, have a shower.”


24. “Can you shut the f*** up!”


25. “I love you so much!”



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