13 Things You Should Know Before You Pack Your Bags For Delhi

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5:00 pm 15 Sep, 2015

‘Yeh Diili hai mere yaar bas ishq, mohabbat, pyaar’ well this phrase fits this dazzling city perfectly. It is true that once you will step into our ‘dil walo ki dilli’ you won’t be able to leave. This place will make you an addict for its fashion, food and fad. Delhi is one of the most lively, diverse, and strangely wonderful cities in which you can choose to study, explore its history or just spend some good holidays. But in the face of an entirely different culture, it can also seem chaotic and intimidating to the first time visitor. Fear not, however – acclimating is half the fun. Well you need not to worry, here are some points which will make you aware about the city and will make your survival easy.


1. Delhi is delicious – it can feed you 24 x 7. Believe me!

This place never goes out of food. You can get diverse cuisine over here with mouth-watering taste at any hour of the day. Price range varies from very low to super expensive but remember that your pocket will surely manage to buy food of your choice.


2. DJ wale babu mera gana baja do.

Delhi has amazing night life and people here just need some beat to show you their dancing talent right there.


3. Oh sadde veer di wedding hai!

Nobody can beat the amount Delhi people spend on their weddings. You will find amazing arrangements with super delicious food. People here wait for marriages to flaunt new fashion trends and some dance moves. No shadi here without a bhangra move!


4. Fashion and trend comes and goes but beauty stays.

Delhi girls have this talent of being up-to-date about the latest fashion and trend going around. Just rotate you eyes 360 degrees and you will feel as if you are in a fashion show. Metro’s ladies compartment resembles a fashion show’s backstage!


5. Rishtey mein to hum tumhare baap lagte hai.

Every guy in Delhi is the son of a minister, actor, MLA, IAS etc. Just let the policemen catch them for any chalaan you will get to here this dialogue a lot. ‘Saale tujhe pata hai mera baap kaun hai?’ *Ghajini returns*


6. Yaha sardi sataye to kuch kaam na aaye!

You must have heard people talking about ‘Dilli ki sardi‘. Well that is true. You’re gonna freeze in winter but still this city gets amazing in winter. You will see the true fashion sense on Delhiittes in this season.


7. Don’t under estimate the power of a common man.

Blunt, bold and beautiful are the three words which can perfectly define a Delhiite. People here are capable enough to put forward their demands and issues.

8. History never looks like history when you are living through it.

Delhi has a lot of historical monuments, structures and gardens that can occupy your weekends and holidays for sure. You can spend days exploring this city’s history because it’s very vast and interesting.


9. The incomparable metro rides.

The metro network is almost all over Delhi and it connects you to NCR as well. You just cannot get such convenient ride in any other state. You can roam around in Delhi with such comfort.


10. Bhaiya meter se chalo na!

No, this is just not possible until and unless there is a traffic policemen standing in front. Auto rikshaw-walas over here judge you from your clothing and charge accordingly, so they just cannot take you by meter.


11. Na apka na mera, beech ka rate laga lo madam.

See you have to learn the technique of bargaining else you will end up going out of budget by the end of the month.


12. Love will always be in the air.

Here parks and monuments are not only meant for sightseeing but also a ‘basera‘ for our love birds. You can feel the love flowing around in the air almost all the time.


13. Dilli ka traffic, *tauba* *tauba*

Take some extra time in your hand before leaving from home. People here are busy in their own lives and so are the roads. Your never know where you’ll get stuck.

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