12 Interesting Things To Indulge In Mumbai For The Perpetually Bored

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5:14 pm 24 Aug, 2015

If you thought Mumbai was just chaos and noise, then you have just seen it superficially. Mumbai is one of the most vibrant Indian cities. It has a unique personality of its own. It’s not called the “City of Dreams” just like that.

If you want to peep at the pulsating heart of this massive metro, then keep reading. Today, we have compiled for you a list of offbeat locations, which we bet even some Mumbaikars were not aware of.

1. Kanheri Caves, the best-kept secret of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Hike up to these caves with friends and escape the chaos and stress of the city for some time. The caves date back to the 1st century BC. So while our missions have made it to planet Mars, these caves still stand there in all their glory.


2. Theatre, alive and kicking at NCPA Experimental Theatre

Take out time this weekend and instead of watching a Bollywood movie, go watch a play. It’d be a fun experience! We guarantee that the acts at this small theatre at Nariman Point are a class apart.


3. Sunset, Gateway of India in a cruise

Don’t stand on the edge; romance the waters of Arabian Sea for a change. The setting is just perfect to transform you to a different world.


4. The world famous Mumbai marathon

Even if you are not a fitness freak, just chime in to witness the strength of the human spirit, which is so predominant in Mumbai.

Who knows you might bump into SRK or Madhuri Dixit.


5. Get mesmerized by the Qawwali at Haji Ali

Haji Ali is like a beacon of hope and peace for all Mumbaikars. Visit on a Friday and the energy of the place will sure leave you rejuvenated.


6. Kayaking at Girgaum Chowpatty

Head to Girgaum Chowpatty and explore the waters at Queen’s necklace. You can kayak as early as seven in the morning! So, no excuses about a busy life.


7. Jehangir Art Gallery with chai at Samovar Café

The restaurant might be small but it sure has a truly artistic air. You may spot some famous painters or poets having discussions over cheese pakora and chai here.


8. Go bargain hunting at the Mumbai Chor Bazaar

If you like to haggle and bargain, then have a hearty breakfast and head to Chor Bazaar on a Sunday. From Persian carpets to antique swords, you can get anything here. It is after all ranked highest in the flea markets of India.


9. Wine-tasting at Solapur should not be missed at all

Go visit the Fratelli Vineyards and see firsthand how wine is made. A tasting session of five kinds of wines should be inspiring enough for you.


10. History buffs must visit the Vasai Fort

You will recognize these ruins from many Bollywood movies they have been featured in. If exploring old ruins is your thing, you will love this trip.


11. Do not miss the Bandra Fair in September for anything

If you don’t mind huge crowds but rather love being a part of them, plan for this annual fair held by the Mount Mary Church. It is a small world of its own, which will warm your heart for sure.


12. Get your one shot at limelight at the Open Mic at Prithvi Theater

The Open Mic is a noble initiative where anybody who thinks he can do anything can go up to the stage and give it his best shot in two minutes.

You never know, you might get lucky.



Do you know about some more offbeat places in Mumbai? Write in the comment section below!


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