18 Things To Do During Boring Office Meetings

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10:00 am 13 Sep, 2015

Stuck in a boring office meeting which is compulsory to attend? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. The lifestyle of ours has become such that office and life are almost synonymous. And when it’s office calling, who can keep the meetings at bay? Sometimes it happens that meetings are totally uncalled for and the topic of discussion is uninteresting. So what can one do in such a situation? Here are few ways to tackle such a situation.

1. Try doodling or if you are good at sketching, go for it!

Boring office meeting

2. Look serious and try to blindly stare or turn the pages of your file.

3. Make a to-do list for the upcoming days.

4. Use the time to check your emails.

5. Update yourself on the latest news around the world.

6. Think about your future in terms of career and life.

7. Meditate and retrospect.

Boring office meeting

8. In case you have one on your smartphone or laptop, start reading a novel.

9. Brainstorm innovative ideas.

Boring office meeting

10. Draw a caricature of the speaker and put speech bubbles to give a comic effect.

11. Ponder over the good and the bad things you might have done in the recent days.

Boring office meeting

12. Write – express your thoughts, emotions in either a poetic form or prose or even an essay.

Boring office meeting

13. Look for a free slot and plan a meeting with your long lost friend.

Boring office meeting

14. Make notes about your recent expenditure and strategy to save.

Boring office meeting

15. Think about food.

Boring office meeting

16. Ask for a short break and grab a cup of coffee.

17. Update your playlist.

18. Interact and find ways to express your opinion.

Boring office meeting


Most important thing is that after the meeting is over, talk to your boss about the ways in which meetings can be made interesting by making them interactive and not very long.


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