15 Things About Love That Surprise You Once You Find It

10:00 am 30 Jun, 2015

More often than not, we tend to see lust or infatuation as love. However, the truth about love, the purity and the wholesomeness of it, unfolds once we find our soulmates. And, if you’re yet to find out the right one, then worry not! You won’t have to wait to learn all the aspects that make love what it is —

1. Sex is only a part of love, not everything.

And, sometimes, sex and unbridled passion loses its importance when faced with the serenity and completeness that love provides.


2. It grows with you; it does not evaporate with every passing day.

Love never ceases to be. It becomes a part of you—a part of your being with your soul mate!


3. Love’s surely not forgetting about one’s own self!

If you thought you’d forget your own self or your own identity when in love, you’re completely wrong. Love demands only one thing: the equality of both the partners, nothing more, nothing less!


4. You don’t need the (physically) perfect person or the perfect reason to be in love, it just happens.

This is exactly where Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge scored above most other love stories made in Bollywood!


5. PDA isn’t really a way of love.

You don’t need to declare your love to the whole wide world to stamp down its longevity. You can keep mum about your relationship and commit to each other sans any FB status!

It’s sheer trust on each other, guys—nothing more that makes love amazing!


6. No! You don’t really need to compromise with each other just so you could continue your relationship.

Yea, little adjustments may be needed. But if you’re in love, you’d do them relentlessly without even realizing anything. And, the effort will be from both the sides even if you’ve got a ‘huge’ age gap!


7. Distance will cease to matter.

Worried about long distance relationships? Well, if you’re in love, then distance will just be a matter of numbers, nothing more! And, trust issues? What the hell are those?!


8. Caste, creed, status—nothing matters really.

All you care is about the person, and nothing more!


9. Your love will be your best friend.

And, you’ll find an innate urge to share even the silliest and unimportant things about yourself and your daily activities! He/she also knows all about those times when you drank and puked on the road and when you made a fool of yourself during public speaking. And, needless to say, you both share a good laugh over those instances again and again.



10. Teasing is a part of love but not humiliation.

Light-hearted teasing is one of the nicest things about love! But both of you will know and respect the boundary without having to communicate that to each other.


11. Love isn’t all about increasing heartbeat.

It’s about relaxing in each other’s arms after a dull day or a hard day’s work!


12. You feel safe and happy about your present.

And, care a damn about what the future holds. Life’s in the present, man! Carpe diem!


13. Of course, you may have your differences!

After all, you are not a single being—you’re different persons with different choices, likes and dislikes! The unconditional union of different beings is love, dear! Ever read Jane Austen?


14. And, you may and do have fights.

But once it’s over, you don’t take time to patch up! It’s back to normalcy as if nothing happened.


15. But you feel complete and happy.

Being in love gives you a happy feeling—happy about having a friend, a partner-in-crime and a great lover all clubbed in one!



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