17 Things In Life That You Really Need To Calm The F*Ck Down About

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10:00 am 15 Dec, 2015

As human beings, we all tend to overreact to certain situations in life. Whether it is worrying about a dream job, or about finding a compatible life partner, sometimes our mind wanders far beyond it should. As Mark Manson would say, we start giving a fuck about things we shouldn’t.

It’s important to stop for a while, relax, breathe, and let things take their own course. It’s time you stop worrying about the things listed below.

1. Wondering about where you stand in your life:

Stop worrying about not having an established career. Stop entertaining thoughts like, “What the fuck do I want from life?” It’s good to do some self-assessment but don’t keep constantly scratching your head.

Make an earnest effort for the things you want, but don’t be in a hurry for results. Every seed sown shall bear a fruit. Have patience.


2. Comparing yourself with others, especially your friends:

Your friends earn more than you, so what?  Do you know about the things they don’t have?

Maybe your partner is way better than theirs, which makes them envious of you. May be you are far richer on a scale of happiness.

Just think about it!


3. Thinking too much about what others think of you:

You’re only burdening yourself by doing this. Try spending more time doing the things you like, and see how your life will completely change.

What matters the most is – how you see yourself.


4. Reaching the TOP, taking the #1 Spot:

There are endless #1 spots; how many can you conquer?

In the race of life, some people will always be better than us, and we will be better than some.

Come on, be easy on yourself.


5. Caring too much about your social media popularity:

Not too popular on Facebook? Not many followers on Twitter? So what?

Try and make a difference in the lives of real people, and you’ll see how irrelevant social media popularity turns out to be.


6. Being scared of ‘remaining single’:

Feeling left out when all your friends are out romancing their better halves is a rather pinching situation.

Does that mean you will be happier with someone in your life? Who knows?!

Happiness is more of an inner quotient; try and find it within you.


7. Scared you won’t find the right one:

When you fall in love, do it with all your heart or not at all!

Time is not running out, and the world is so full of people; someone out there is going to be perfect for you.


8. Worrying about why s/he is not texting you back:

Really, not texting back? Calm down. Maybe, just maybe, s/he has a life and it’s time you got one, too.



9. Aiming to get to size zero:

Happiest are the people who love their own being, inside and out. Not all of them have perfect bodies.

Stop obsessing over size zero and start focusing on becoming healthier.


10. Unhappy with the weather:

The sun is too harsh, the rain too brash, the snow too cold, and the clouds, they’re so gloomy.

How about changing your perspective — the sun is so warm, the rain is so romantic, the snow is beautiful and the clouds, oh, they are heavenly.

You need a change in attitude, not the weather.


11. Wondering what your ex is doing:

It is very difficult to move on from a relationship you have invested so much time in. But eventually you’ll have to accept reality and let it go.

Stalking and ex on Facebook/Twitter or worrying about what they are up to or who they’re dating now is not going to bring them back, if that’s what you want.

It’s a closed chapter and it’s time to move on.


12. Upset that you weren’t invited to that party:

It’s ok! Chill and throw yourself a party. Why wait for others to invite you to a party or celebration?


13. Stuck in traffic and getting worked up:

We can’t really change this, not at least on an individual level. The best thing is to use this time.

Carry a book to read, download songs, watch movies, maybe complete pending office work, or better still, connect with family and friends during this time. Call your friend just to ask how she’s doing? Call your mom, ask after her health.

Stay calm and use this spare time to your advantage. You have a choice.


14. Asking for a raise and not getting it:

You’re only asking for what is your right.

If your boss still refuses an appraisal, look for other options and make sure s/he knows about it.

Just be cool about it.


15. Worrying that your partner is cheating on you:

Ok, relationships are a big gamble. BUT, is worrying going to change anything?

Nope!  It won’t.

Just make sure you never cheat, and love your partner through thick and thin.

The universe will take care of the rest.


16. Hypochondria:

Frequent headaches aren’t a sign of brain tumor. Every stomach ache is not appendicitis.

Take a DEEP breath and bring your imagination back to a pragmatic level.


17. Random phobias:

Obsessed with your gadgets? Too worried about global warming?

Well, either do something about it, or stop worrying!


Life is too short to be worried about such mundane things. Yes, there are things about which you can’t, and shouldn’t, calm-the-fuck-down but they are very few.


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