15 Things Overachievers Do

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12:00 pm 6 Feb, 2016

These days we want to have it all, and do it all. So we often come across super humans who have demanding full-time jobs, while working to earn their master’s degree along with freelancing and giving tuitions to neighbourhood kids for some extra money — all this in addition to helping out at home. These people are clearly overachievers. They work hard. The results, of course, are worth it.

A lot of us plan to spend all our time and energy fruitfully. But not all of us manage to — those who can have some unique traits. Read on to learn what their secret is.

1. They are organized.

Overachievers organize everything — their to-do lists, their desks, their rooms. Everything in their life has a place. Apparently overachievers get a kick out of ticking things off on their immaculately made to-do list and then making a new one.


2. They know how to manage their time.

Overachievers do not get any extra time than we do. All they do is manage their time optimally. They do not while away their time, they can incorporate more things in their to-do list and actually do them.


3. They have clear goals.

Unless one has clear goals in life, they will not know which direction to go. To make sure that you spend each hour fruitfully, you should know what you want out of your day.


4. They work more than others.

Simple mathematics, right!! You want to achieve more, so you have to work more. Overachievers understand this concept and hence do not count the hours while working.


5. They work faster than others.

Doing anything faster than others need a lot of practice, dedication and concentration. Overachievers do this and reap the benefits. Imagine if you could save 15 minutes from each hour of your day, you would have 6 extra hours every day.


6. They are not obsessed with perfection.

Perfection is an abstract term. Trying to achieve perfection makes you fuss over tiny, insignificant details for every project and waste precious time. Overachievers perform above average and consistently.


7. They like to continuously educate themselves.

There is a reason why we find most overachievers working on their PHDs or some other course while balancing multiple projects on the professional front. Overachievers know that to do well in life one has to continuously educate himself/herself. In order to do this, overachievers often join courses, take up internships (even the unpaid ones) and also volunteer. They also like to research and find things out and even ask others who are experts in the field.


8. They work for free.

Unpaid internships, volunteering assignments, etc. are not only amazing opportunities to learn, but also make your CV look good. Overachievers understand and practice this well. Besides teaching industry skills, these experiences also teach us the life and soft skills necessary to survive in the professional world.


9. They like awards and accolades.

Overachievers live on awards and accolades. These awards do not necessarily have to be materialistic, even respect from others does the trick for them. But overachievers understand that to get these accolades, they have to be exceptional in their field of work.


10. They hate to fail.

As a flip side to the aforementioned qualities, overachievers absolutely hate to fail. This makes them all the more motivated to give their best to any project they are working on.


11. They talk about their shortcomings.

But not in a self-depreciating manner. They are aware of their shortcomings; and this helps them focus on their strengths.


12. They find a good mentor for themselves.

Finding a good mentor makes the journey easier. Overachievers try and utilize this resource wherever possible. Finding a mentor is not always easy. It takes a lot of networking and persuading; the mentor should also feel that his protégée is worth it.


13. They coach their juniors.

Knowledge increases through sharing. Overachievers know that grooming next-generation leaders (in any sphere) is one of the main characteristics of one’s own growth.


14. Overachievers pursue their hobbies.

Hobbies are important in many ways. They not only serve as a remedy for fatigue, it also is a time when a person can truly connect with himself/herself. Overachievers actively pursue their hobbies. Some people like to collect old coins while others like to cook. Whatever be the case, one should never be too busy to pursue their hobbies.


15. Overachievers chill.

It is important to make some time to do absolutely nothing and just relax. Doing nothing is imperative for mental, physical, and spiritual recuperation, which, in turn, is important to continue being an overachiever throughout your life.


Now know the secrets to becoming an overachiever. Follow these simple pointers and be the envy of everyone.


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