10 Things Only Librans Will Understand

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7:00 pm 17 Jul, 2015

Those born between 22nd September and 22nd October are some really cool people with a unique set of personality traits.

Although these traits might not be visible to outsiders, every Libran feels or goes through the following! From a Libran to a Libran, read on!

1. Uneven surfaces

Stepping on uneven surfaces means what one foot felt, the other has to in equal measure, no less! So you try and find the exact kind of unevenness for the other foot! Weird, but true!



Dammit! Now I have to stub the other toe! irenelyon

2. Absolutely equal halves

Librans are the best people to divide anything from the last slice of pizza to even property. They make exactly equal portions for all involved!



Even the toppings on each piece are equal! pinterest

3. Fair is fair

It doesn’t matter whether a Libran is winning or losing. Fair is fair and if that is not part of the game, neither is the Libran.



The heart of Libra-land! newhopepublishers

4. Which side is not important

Librans love to explore both sides of the argument! So it doesn’t matter to them which side of it they are on! Just remember! They aren’t arguing with you, they are arguing with the ideas themselves!


5. Food is amazing

Librans love food! Cakes, biryanis, breads, kebabs! Everything!



Ah! Whatever this is! It looks nice and I want to eat it! foodnetwork

6. Sleep is even better!

And the only thing better than food is sleep! And lazing around! And waking up at 6 am, to go back to sleep to wake up at 7am! Ah! Extra sleep!



What? It is time to wake up? Haha! You are so funny! babycentre

7. A smile is your biggest weapon

A Libran knows that love wins you more power than fear. They will smile and charm their way through a situation to get what they want.



Aww! Can you resist the smile? dnaindia

8. Good looks are important

And if they are going to put on their best face for you, you better do that for them too! Librans naturally like good looking people. And the best that looks on anyone is not makeup, but a genuine smile!



This man wears a watch on each hand. How is that for fairness and suave both? ndtv

9. Cooperation not competition

Librans are naturally averse to competition. Why compete when you can work together, have fun, share? A Libran will find ways for you to make money while he/she does too.



What’s the fun in coming first when you have to wait for others to catch up? b-positive-now

10. If everyone was Libran…

And a Libran always thinks that if everyone was a Libran, the world wouldn’t really be fighting, everyone would have everything and food would be the religion of people! If they could be made to get up from their place, that is..!



My my! The world has turned so trippy! document


Have you noticed any of these traits in Librans around you? Aren’t they fun to be around?


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