9 Things Singles Should Feel Amazing About On V-Day

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3:10 pm 13 Feb, 2016

“It’s okay!” must have been your best friend’s best pick-up line for you. I’ll give you a better one- ‘It’s amazing!’

Yes, being single on Valentine’s Day has been always been taken as a downside. You might bask in the glory of being a douchebag single guy/girl all through the year, but on Valentine’s Day, you want to have a date! Because come on, you don’t want to sob on the couch watching V-day movie marathons alone.


Here’s why you should not sulk but feel great about being single on Valentine’s Day:


1. Because red, heart-shaped balloons on this day are cheesy.

This is my absolute number one reason for you. Shopping malls, restaurants and every other store over-flooded with these are an awful sight. Guess what, if you had a date, you wouldn’t have been able to ‘Ew’ them either, because after all its been done for you, love birds. Thank God, we’ve been spared the horror of getting blamed for it.


2. Because a romantic dinner is not romantic with 10 couples in the same room.

Whatever happened to exclusivity? The rush of couples is awfully-overwhelming! There is nothing special about you two here. Honestly, even if I had a boyfriend I’d have chosen some other day to go out on a dinner date. The idea of ten more couples chanting same romantic one-liners in the same room is just not pleasing enough.

3. Because you don’t have to feel the pressure.

You’re saved the hassles of planning a dress or a venue. You don’t feel the nervous breakdown of disappointing your date. You know sometimes, there are people for real who just don’t like V-Day but do it only because everybody is doing it and they are too scared to turn down their date on this day. But you don’t have to feel the pressure, okay? You are single.

4. Because your red dress has better avenues, girl!

Don’t you dare think your red dress is wasted. Trust me, a red dress on a red carpet is more worthy than wearing it on a local date with a local guy singing some local karaoke. This single Valentine’s is just the sign to invest in YOU, my friend! Do You!


5. Because you SAVE.

Remember when they said, ”Oh I don’t want anything for Valentines Day” and called you a douchebag for not gifting them something? Guess what, you don’t have to splurge like there’s no tomorrow. Your entire month’s salary won’t be washed away by a week’s drama.

6. Because enjoying a movie marathon is not lonely.

Who said that movies are meant to be shared? I mean if you REALLY want to watch a movie, you are better off doing it alone.

7. Because you are spared awkward glances in public places.

No matter how much we want to believe we live in a contemporary country, the truth is we are still far away. As if dates on normal days were not enough, PDAs on Valentines Day are not taken in a good light by our society. Also, in this case when you are single you don’t have to fret about either your parents or your relatives spying on you – or a political affiliation getting you married in India’s case. Phew!


8. Because you are getting V-Day sales without splurging on anyone but you.

Valentine’s Day is a marketer’s favorite game. But since you are single this year, you should feel privileged and not exploited. Shop on those discounted chocolates for today – and lingeries for tomorrow. *wink*

9. Because ‘love’ is not equal to Valentine’s Day

Its not that I have a problem with the concept of ‘love’ that I am writing this article. Honestly, it’s my favorite subject. Things get eerie, however, when shallow days and actions on these days determine ‘love’. All those dates landed in desperate attempt to not be alone on this day can act like love, but will never be one. So, relax singletons!


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