8 Things Fat Guys Don’t Want To Hear Anymore

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12:00 pm 19 Nov, 2015

Okay, let’s agree for a minute that there are fat guys around who have to walk with those extra bellies everyday either because of over-eating or alcohol habits or because of some hormonal problems. Believe it or not, they too are humans and get extremely offended when someone makes fun of them or asks them anything about their bellies. Here are 8 things which go straight to a fat guy’s heart:


1. “Have you put on extra weight over the past few months?”

Seriously, who asks such silly questions? What interests does such a person have?

Fat people


2. “Were you already fat or you have become so recently?

No, I was too thin prior to a few months and then I started using this product recently which brought this unbelievable change in me. I look so adorable, don’t I?

Fat guys


3. “Do you have too much stress which is affecting your health?”

Brah, as if already there was less shit to handle that now people are providing more stress by asking such silly questions.

Fat guys


4. “You will find it difficult to get a girlfriend or spouse later if you don’t lose weight in time.”

Seriously, then I think you should start finding one for me right away.

Fat guys


5. “Don’t pounce on junk or oily food and add vegetables to your diet.”

Oh yes, I almost forgot that vegetables also exist. I will surely take care of it next time.

Fat guys


6. “You should start hitting the gym right away or take up any physical activities.” 

Could you please elaborate a little more what physical activities can I take up to lose my weight?

Fat guys


7. “You will look smarter if you shed off those extra pounds.” 

The other day I too had a similar thought in my mind though never thought of executing it. I will visit your place sometime soon so that you could give me more suggestions on how to look smarter. (grins)

Fat guys


8. “I do X/Y/Z things so I am lean and you should also follow a similar routine.”

I never thought I will be able to meet someone so lean in my entire life.

Fat guys


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