26 Things Every Girl Should Do At Least Once In Her Lifetime

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8:00 pm 8 Sep, 2015

EVERY simple girl dreams of doing so many things in her life, but they just get blown away along with her dreams. There are various fundamental things which every girl needs to do in her lifetime and at least before she gets married. Being women, you deserves spending ‘me time’ in your life and here we bring you a bucketful of things, which you should do once in your life by pushing the boundaries of the theory “Log kya kahenge”.

1. Once, glam yourself up and move around in the city!


2. Try travelling alone to an adventurous place.


3. Come on, try those high heels or stilettos even though you never walked around with them.


4. Spend some time sitting alone in a temple! You feel peace.


5. Tell your boss what you don’t like about him.


6. Flirt with someone shamelessly and go on a blind date.


7. Gatecrash some unknown wedding and enjoy the dishes there.


8. Try different foods and cook them at home right away.


9. Have a cat fight with someone whom you really hate.


10. Chop down your extremely long hair to short.


11. Admit the fact to someone you love.


12. Be shameless and shop only on discounts.


13. Relax by visiting some elderly people in your area or old-age homes.


14. Learn a new language and flaunt it.


15. Wear a bikini and get into that ocean. No matter what your size is!


16. Get drunk and enjoy the evening.


17. Leave a job which you never wanted.


18. Attend live music concert and go nuts.


19. Try celebrating yor birthday just by donating some to someone needy.


20. Never mind if you are in your 20s or 30s, you need to go cycling.


21. Bunk your college classes and roam around.


22. Spend a day at some exotic spa.


23. Try to live a day without your cell phone.


24. Sleep as much as you can! Forget your job this time.


25. Dance shamelessly at someone else’s wedding, what we usually call ‘baraat’.


26. Playing a prank on someone can really be rejuvenating sometime.



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