These Disturbing Images Show Methamphetamine Is Bad No Matter Why You May Have Loved Breaking Bad

‘Breaking Bad’ was an iconic TV series and despite its somewhat sympathetic depiction of methamphetamine producers, it has a serious flaw: meth can never be good. In these images you will discover a small piece of what forms the disturbing and deplorable picture of meth addicts and usage. The situation in Laurel County, Kentucky, shows that reality is far worse than a show with a Guinness world record can claim to have highlighted.


1. A bust: An undercover agent searching an abandoned trailer for meth-related items


2. Teresa Hall (R) after she is found at a trailer with meth-related items


3. Woods full of meth-making substances

meth lab related trash discarded in the woods.

4. Destroyed: A meth-lab fire destroyed this house

A house that burned down in a fire caused by a meth lab

5. Shopping for poison: This Walmart in London, Kentucky is the one-stop destination for all meth shopping


6. Looking for the suspicious: Undercover agent on the lookout for potential suspects


7. An arrest made


8. A meth-impacted family united


9. Collecting stuff dropped by a meth cook


10. Meth-lab sealed for decontamination


11. More meth-producing stuff

Materials for producing meth are found at a trailer.

12. A neighbour talks to police after they arrest meth-cooks


13. The crystal death

Meth collected by Jason Back during a recent raid.

Credit: All images taken by Stacy Krantiz for Mother Jones. You may read the complete article here.

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