These Aesthetic Pictures Show The Many Moods Of Life In A Flustered World

Life is extraordinary and our confused world is its playground, on which it dances merrily for a moment and, almost instantly, slips into depression the next. Such is life. The beauty and the various moods of life can be captured, and has been captured, by ace photographers. These aesthetic pictures give us a detailed look at the many moods of life. Sit back and watch the beauty unfold.

1. The 1967 Pentagon anti-war protest where 17-year-old Jan Rose Kasmir offers a flower to soldiers


Photographer: Marc Riboud

2. A Brazilian protester faces police gunfire during protests


Source: Huffington Post

3. Sergeant Frank Praytor looks after a two-week old kitten during the height of the Korean War


4. An American soldier holds the hand of an Afghan girl


Source: Soldier_Scott68 on Reddit

5. The Korean partition: Brothers from either side part after an inter-Korean temporary family reunion


6. Thania Sayne leans on the headstone of her husband


Photographer: Manuel Balce Ceneta

7. LIFE magazine cover featuring Anna Fisher in 1985, the first mother in space


Source: Life Magazine (1985)

8. A journalist dashes across a bridge between to rescue a baby during the 1936 Civil War in Spain


Photographer: Horace Abrahams

9. A Rwandan boy left scarred after being liberated from a death camp


Photographer: James Nachtwey

10. A tribal Chhetri woman in Nepal


Photographer: Bruno Morandi

11. And the bus must stop: The iconic photo of a boy crossing a 1960s London street


Source: Notman Photographics Archives

12. Captain Donald Spindler pulls 6-year-old Aaliyah Frazier from a fire in Indiana


Source: Evansville Courier & Press

13. 1989: A Tiananmen Square protestor


Photographer: Stuart Franklin

14. Violinist, Nancy Dinovo, cries while playing during a service at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Vancouver for the 9/11 victims


Photographer: Christopher J. Morris

15. A child of the Erbore tribe, Ethiopia


Photographer: Eric Lafforgue

16. A reflection: A child of a KKK member and African American police officers in 1992


Photographer: Todd Robertson

17. The wife of Sergeant Joseph Grantt, Clara, is inconsolable as she is reunited with her husband’s body 60 years after he went missing during the Korean war


Photographer: Andrew Renneisen

18. For a better tomorrow: 100,000 monks in prayer


Photographer: Luke Duggleby

19. Skater girls in Tehran


Photographer: Noosh Afarin/Humans Of Tehran

20. An infant with albinism and his cousin for a snooze


Photographer: Patricia Willocq

21. Lt. Colonel Robert L. Stirm is reunited with his family after being taken prisoner during the Vietnam war


22. A teenager in Northern Ireland shouts at British soldiers


23. A Mursi tribe woman discovers Vogue magazine, Ethiopia


Photographer: Eric Lafforgue

24. Dr. Religa and his patient on whom he performed a 23-hour-long heart transplant surgery in 1987


Photographer: J. Steinfeld/National Geographic 1987

25. And the patient outlives the surgeon


Such is life.

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