The UN’s Weirdest Crimes For The Year 2014-15

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7:06 pm 2 Nov, 2015

American news network Vice News on Sunday came out with a news report that stated some of the most weirdest crimes conducted by the United Nation Staff members.

The article mentions a report, carried out by the UN Secretariat back in June this year for its information. While the report does not name the staff member or their nationalities involved in these ‘weird’ incident, it does state them to be true.

The report states that a Staff at the United Nations had reportedly downloaded and shared child pornography, while another official had transported roughly 380 pounds of weed in an official vehicle and had repeatedly threatened each other with murder.

What’s alarming is that that these people were not members of a gang, but of a prestigious organization like the United Nation.

In yet another alarming case, four UN employees were dismissed from the organization for receiving, storing, and disseminating pornographic images of minors on their official computers  that was over the UN networks, the report said.

While identities and home countries of these officials have also not been made public, the reports clarifies that charges have been filed against these four unnamed individuals and also stated that a fifth staff member, who stored adult pornographic material on a UN computer was also taken to task and was demoted and further blocked from being promoted for the next two years.

While in the first case the staff member had reached the point of threatening and murder and thus had been charged for their act, in another case, a UN staffer was fired for using “an official vehicle” to transport approximately 173 kg of marijuana.

While the above cases are to the point of being criminal, the most bizarre situation reported by the UN report was when an employee inexplicably tried to bring a chainsaw on a UN passenger flight and an “UN security official” was caught stealing $2,200 from a passenger’s bag while screening their luggage.

The best of the lot comes at the end, when a UN staff member reportedly drove a tractor into the UN coworker office “with the intent of damaging the office and injuring the staff member’s supervisor.”

One may think that the UN would book the above ‘driver’ with the intent to kill, instead the UN investigators chalked up the incident to “long-standing workplace-related issues.”

The report, carried out by the UN Secretariat, covers the period between July 2014 and June of this year.

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