The 10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions You Need To Embed

7:00 am 1 Oct, 2014

The Internet is a confusing place. Given the right amount of time and resources, it’ll put you in a nut house broke and insecure. Google’s only made it…slightly different. It’ll do the same thing to you in a smaller amount of time, but more accurately. That’s why everyone loves Chrome, because it’s fast and reliable. But like your phone, Chrome is naked without its extensions. And not all of them are suited for your browser. These are the Chrome extensions everyone must have:

10. TimeStats

Time flies when you’re having fun. Maybe it flies just a little too fast sometimes, right? TimeStats will help you manage that. It helps you keep a track of how much time you’re spending on a particular site and whether you’re doing it at work or at home. Basically, it’s a weapon of mass destruction for parents in particular. But kids can blackmail their parents too. It all comes down to perspective.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

9. Panic Button Plus

Watching something you know you shouldn’t be? Scared someone will catch you? Fear not mere dost for the Panic Button Plus is here. Just set your shortcuts and watch as the buttons perform a magic trick on your open tabs. Still not sure? You can also set a password, in case it’s not urgent to close but you don’t want anyone watching what you’re up to. It’s fast, easy and secure.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

8. Last Pass

If you’re like me, you’re going to have a hard time remembering your passwords. I never really found an easy solution for this problem until Last Pass came along. It’ll remember all your passwords for you. All you have to do is remember that one password to open it. Sounds much easier than remembering 7-8 different passwords, don’t you think? But don’t forget that one password. It won’t be smooth sailing after.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

7. Pocket

There are just so many sites waiting to be visited out there. How can you possibly get through them all? With pocket, you won’t have to worry about catching up. Pocket lets you save your favourite content in the click of a button. It doesn’t matter when you choose to return and see it, as long as it’s been pocketed.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

6. Hover Zoom

Some things on Chrome need a lot of rework, like images for example. You can’t view them unless you click on them. Hover Zoom grants you immunity to such silly shortcomings. You can scroll your mouse over any image and view it on near full screen mode, without even clicking on it. Beats the hell out of sitting around, waiting for the image to load and then have to go back and reload the page. 

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

5. Rapportive

Rapportive is ideally a Gmail extension. What it does is provide information about the contact you’re currently viewing. Using the power of the ‘InterWeb’ (as some of the seniors call it), it searches his/her twitter, facebook and google plus profiles to fill in information about your ‘mailer’/’mailee’. Comes in handy when you receive those anonymous love letters.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

4. Google Dictionary

Probably one of the most interesting extensions you’ll get, Google Dictionary brings Oxford to your doorstep. Read a word and not sure what it means? No problem. Just hold your mouse over it and watch the word give a pop-up with the meaning and pronunciation. It’s so easy, it makes your competitive exams look cheap. With this extension, you’ll improve your vocabulary in no time.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

3. Pushbullet

Another interesting and quick extension, Pushbullet lets you push links, addresses, attachments and all sorts of documents onto your phone or device straight from your browser. Yes, I know, the more amazing it is, the lazier you get.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

2. Daily 9GAG

I think everyone’s into 9GAG these days, or they should be anyway. Get your daily dose of laughter through the Daily 9GAG extension, which gives you one hilarious meme a day, just to tickle your twisted funny bone. What better way to start the day than with a chuckle.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

1. AdBlock Plus

I think I’ll advertise AdBlock for as long as I live. You know those extremely irritating 30 second videos which appear right before your main videos? Or those pesky pop-ups showing off a shirt of shoe for you to buy? Those are advertisements meant to lure you into a buy. Get your AdBlock now and avoid wasting your precious time or ridiculous things which never make sense. What’s worse is that they repeat for every video or site. I request you to help me spread the gyaan and be rid of those ads once and for all. Let all our generations know that man is stronger than commercial gain!

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

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