Here Are The First Pictures Of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’, And We Are Already Excited

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1:51 pm 9 May, 2015

Entertainment Weekly has presented us with a glimpse of what Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film ‘The Hateful Eight’ will look like. The first pictures are out and, man, are they iconic already! With Tarantino in the director’s chair, one must expect nothing but another masterpiece. The plot of ‘The Hateful Eight’ – as much as is known – revolves around eight strangers trapped inside an isolated haberdashery to shelter themselves from a blizzard. Each of the characters has a story if their own, and each is being played by an actor extraordinaire.


1. Let us mark it with the arrival of Samuel L. Jackson, who plays “The Bounty Hunter” Major Marquis Warren.


Samuel L Jackson in Hateful Eight


2. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays “The Prisoner” Daisy Domergue, who is being taken to meet her fate by “The Hangman” John Ruth played by the brilliant Kurt Russell.


Hateful Eight First Pictures


3. We see Jason Leigh and Kurt Russell sharing screenspace with Bruce Dern (on the sofa), who plays an ageing ex-Confederate, Gen. Sanford Smithers.


Bruce Dern in Hateful Eight


4. Russell’s character pointing a gun at Jackson’s is a confrontation that will probably be one of the best scenes of the film.


Hateful Eight First Pictures


5. A ranch outside of Telluride, Colorado, forms much of the setting of this film.


The Hateful Eight (7)


6. Here we see the stable of the Minnie’s haberdashery.


Hateful Eight First Pictures


7. Tim Roth (left) plays “The Little Man” Oswaldo Mobray, who claims he is the new hangman. Walton Goggins plays Chris Mannix aka “The Sheriff”.


Hateful Eight First Pictures


8. Michael Madsen, who has also starred in Tarantino’s earlier works such as ‘Reservoir Dogs’, plays Joe Gage aka “The Cow Puncher”.


Hateful Eight First Pictures


9. Being a Tarantino film, intrigue will be a all-encompassing element. Here is he discussing a scene.


Hateful Eight First Pictures


10. And the auteur himself on the sets.



‘The Hateful Eight’ releases this year, though a formal date is yet to be announced.


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