This Rag-Picker, Or The ‘Dog Lady Of New Delhi’, Feeds And Nurses 400 Stray Dogs

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1:45 pm 17 Oct, 2016

In a time when people don’t think of helping each other, when people just don’t have time for their own family members or loved ones, this lady, who is a rag-picker, takes care of almost 400 stray dogs.

What is noteworthy is that she does not have enough to feed herself.




Pratima Devi is 65  and is popularly known as ‘the dog lady of New Delhi’. She lives near PVR Cinemas in Saket and selflessly nurses the strays.

Almost 120 of them live in her shanty shed. Pratima sells scrap and recycled rubbish to feed them.




After going through a troubled marriage, she proudly chose this selfless life for herself and claims to be much happier with the dogs.




Pratima is an example that humanity still exists! Take a look at this video which shows her motherly love for the strays.


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