Ever Wondered Why The Rocks Alongside The Marine Drive Have That Weird Shape?

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4:46 pm 30 Jun, 2016

Mumbai, call it the city of dreams or the financial capital of India, it has always tempted many. There are many things that are famous about this city but the most popular of all is Marine Drive.

The city looks beautiful during the monsoons from this place. The place has an added attraction — the four legged rocks.


These rocks can be seen in many Bollywood movies and music videos based on Mumbai. No they are not exclusively present in India, you can also find them in different parts of the world such as the North Sea in Germany, on the shore of Suruga Bay surrounded by Mount Fuji, etc.


But have you ever thought of the reason behind their weird shape?

Tetrapods is what those four legged concrete structures are called. Imported to the city from Australia in 1958, they were first developed by France Laboratoire Dauphinois d’Hydralique in 1950. The sole purpose pf these rocks was to protect the place from high energy waves that hit the sea shore.

There is an interlocking pattern in which approximately all 6,500 of them are placed. These tetrapods allows the incoming water waves to pass through them, thereby reducing the displacement and energy of the waves.


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