TESCO’s Swag Bengaluru Office Is Redefining The Concept Of A Work Place

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1:10 pm 5 Oct, 2016

Your place of work is the shrine of glass and metal you pay visit to every single day like clockwork. Working a 9 to 5 job is a tedious task as it is without the added depression caused by the dreadful space you occupy, more often than not a dingy cubicle that you cover in colourful post its to brighten your oh-so-gloomy work life.




The conference rooms and the common spaces where discussions take place are no better with the long tables and the chairs which would make even the Man of Steel cry out in pain.




The talking over the disorderly cubicles, traversing  two whole floors just to get to the coffee machine and a million other experiences associated with old rundown office spaces may carry a certain charm for some, nonetheless, it can’t be denied that the time for modern, youthful and funky (for the lack of a better word) spaces has arrived.




TESCO’s newly constructed office in Bangalore has redefined the concept of a work place.

With the vibrant and stimulating colours and modern and edgy architecture, it has successfully created a utopian environment for its employees to give their creative spirits full reign and work in a cohesive and collaborative manner.




For TESCO, employee morale is a clear priority: as it happens the makeover of the space was fashioned after profuse discussion with the employees, keeping their comfort and well fare in mind.




The ‘E-cafes’ on each floor,  15-acre green campus which hosts a large cafeteria, on-site crèche, a volleyball court and a gym; have already become the envy of many. The youthful elements like the cutesy lockers, balcony views, wide empty spaces, facilitate the ‘one team’ culture of the organisation.




The new layout that is line with the demands of the changing technological environment has brought the office space at par with its counterpart in the UK, to the cheer and joy of the current and potential members of the company.


Images courtesy: TESCO

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