To Ensure Gender Equality, Trimbakeshwar Temple Bans Entry Of Men Into Sanctum Sanctorum

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6:07 pm 4 Apr, 2016

The authorities of Trimbakeshwar Temple–famous Lord Shiva temple in Nasik district– has decided to ban entry of men too into the sanctum sanctorum.

A trustee said, “The step was taken to provide equal treatment to both the genders.”

The decision, which was taken during a board meeting of the Trimbakeshwar Devasthan Trust under Chairperson and District Judge Urmila Phalke Joshi, will come into effect from April 4.


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One of the trust members, Kailas Ghule, explained:

“The ban on entry of women into the ‘garbhagriha’ is an age-old tradition and not something enforced in recent times. The ban goes back to the Peshwa period.”

He added:

“As per tradition, only men were allowed entry daily between 6-7 AM into the area where the main ‘linga’ is placed, that too by putting on a specific gear called the sovala (silk clothing).”

However, women can have ‘darshan’ from outside the core area. The ancient temple, which draws devotees from far and wide, has one of the 12 ‘jyotirlingas’.


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Trayambakeshwar temple

The development comes a day after women activists were stopped from entering the inner sanctum of the Shani temple despite Bombay HC order.

The court had ruled that it was a fundamental right of women to go to all places of worship. The activists were taken into preventive custody but were later released.





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