Telangana Govt Offers Loans To Non-Hindu Drivers In Association With Uber

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6:31 pm 17 Feb, 2017

Discriminating against cab drivers of the Hindu community in Hyderabad, Telangana Minorities Finance Corporation has decided to implement ‘driver empowerment programme’ in association with Uber to provide new cars to eligible drivers belonging to minority sections of the society.


The corporation will also provide financial assistance to each driver, who is trained under the programme, to buy a new car so as to run it as a taxi by placing it with the Uber Cab services.

The decision raises questions as to why the state government is going to the extent of giving financial assistance only to minorities.


That too when the Constitution of India, under its Article 15 (1), promises non-discrimination. There is also no mention of special provisions on the basis of religion.

Clearly, it is surprising why we in India give unprecedented and unmatched preferential treatment to the minorities.

Indian political class has a history of bending to sectarian and regional demands under populist pressure, even resorting to regressive measures.


In the past Congress-led governments had kept on pursuing sectarian agenda. For instance, Congress-led UPA government constituted various committees for minorities including Sachar Committee that recommended loans, financial incentives, benefits, concessions and special schemes only for non-Hindus; and has excluded crores of Hindus from the said benefits.

It is sad that Uber has been part of what could be best called as an attempt to use religion as a business tool.

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