You Won’t Believe What Lalu Yadav’s Son Suggeted To Curb Pollution

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5:52 pm 26 Dec, 2015

We all are concerned about high levels of air pollution in our country. Delhi Government recently rolled out odd-even formula to curb the vehicular pollution.

Recently, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar also expressed serious concern over rising pollution in Patna.

So, to reduce pollution, RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav’s older son Tej Pratap came up with an idea!

The Hindu

Tej Pratap Yadav, Health Minister of Bihar and number three in the State after the CM and his younger brother Tejashwi. The Hindu

The health minister prescribed ‘horse-riding’ to curb pollution and skirt traffic jams.

What’s more? He practiced what he preached. On December 25, 2015, he hit Patna’s roads on a horse.

“There is so much pollution and traffic jams because of so many vehicles…its better to ride a horse,” he said.

The Mahua MLA was accompanied by security personnel who followed him on horseback and on foot.
Tej Pratap

According to sources, the horses were hired from the Bihar Military Police (BMP) on the Minister’s request.

The young minister is not the only who is found this way to travel. Former JD(U) legislator Anant Singh use to ride on horses or horse-drawn carriages in the VIP zones of the capital.

But, this ain’t the first time that Tej is in news for something weird or embarrassing.

While taking an oath in the new Bihar government, he fumbled twice.

He was asked to repeat his oath by the Governor Ramnath Kovind after he said Upekshit (neglected) instead of Apekshit (expectations). but, he fumbled again on another word and had to repeat his oath again.


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