Teens End Up Snorting Grandfather’s Ashes Instead Of Cocaine

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3:00 pm 12 Mar, 2015

No, this was not an attempt to keep their grandfather close to them. Three teenagers from St Peters, Missouri carried out an armed robbery in the house of Debora Matthews, who is a relative of the teenagers.

Along with $825 in cash and more than $2,000 in kind, they stole a box containing the ashes of Debora’s father.


Deborah Matthews is understandably upset with the teenagers, considering the ashes were their grandfather’s. She stated, “I just couldn’t believe that they would take the ashes. But you know, they were kids, and, I guess, just stupid.”

The teens thought that the box contained cocaine. They took it as far as the highway, where they tasted it, realized their mistake and threw it away.


In his confession, 17-year-old Devin Gesell, admitted to being the lookout, while the robbery was carried out by his two unnamed, minor accomplices – ages 15 and 16.

Earlier in January, teenage burglars stole the ashes of a man and two dogs and snorted them before realizing it wasn’t cocaine or heroin.

Devin Gessell

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All this just goes to show that teens should say no to drugs, because seriously, drugs are bad – more so if you don’t know your ashes from your cocaine.

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