A Group Of Teenagers Came To A Foreigner’s Rescue When A Thief Tried To Strangulate Her

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6:31 pm 18 Sep, 2015

While India has been criticised for not treating their visitors well, a group of teenagers not only restored our collective faith in the concept of ‘atithi devo bhava’ but also proved that age doesn’t matter if you want to do something right.

On August 19, a group of teenagers, who call themselves the Malviya Nagar Maniacs, were playing football in a park when they heard a woman’s scream.

Without wasting a second they rushed to her aid and found that a mobile-snatcher was not only trying to loot a woman but strangulate her as she resisted.

The entire episode was capture on CCTV cameras in the area.



The boys immediately cased the culprit and cornered him behind a car.

They not only retrieved the belongings of the woman, who is a Uzbek national, but also prevented the man from escaping.

They then handed him over to the police.


capture 2


Talking about the incident Arun Singh Rajput, one of the boys said that the man was like “a ‘goal’ that had to be scored”.

The incident took palace at around 10 pm. The woman had come to India just three months back on a business trip and was staying with a friend in the Malviya Nagar area.

On the day of the incident, she was returning from a meeting and was walking inside the gated colony when the phone snatcher man started fallowing her. She was busy on the call and thus didn’t notice the guy behind her.

The incident left her in a state of shock.



Japneet, one of the brave boys, said:

“We were discussing where he (the man) could have gone when we saw him hiding behind a car. As we approached near him, he confidently came out as if he hadn’t done anything. But we recognised him.”

The TOI reports that the man is currently behind bars.

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