This Pervert Threatened To Share Her Nudes In Public. What She Did Next Deserves Applause

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1:01 pm 24 Oct, 2016

It’s high time we stop treating women as the weaker sex. They have always been blamed for crimes they didn’t commit. But, now times have changed. No matter how patriarchal the society is, women have now learned how to take a stand for themselves.

Recently, Taruna Aswani became a victim of cyber crime. A pervert hacked her account and blackmailed her that he would make her private pictures and videos public.



But, instead of getting threatened by that cyber bully’s blackmailing, brave Taruna decided to make this public. In a Facebook post, she explained the whole incident and attached the screenshots of that guy’s mail.

This is what she wrote in her post…

Dear Friends and Family,
I am posting this and emailing you individually as my online identity has been compromised.
I have in the last 24 hours received 2 emails from someone that claims to know me that has hacked into my google cloud back up.
He has been threatening to release some private pictures and videos of me to my friends family and colleagues.
As embarrassing as the videos may be ( they were sent to my boyfriend at the time ) I choose to stand up to this man. Instead of cowering down to his requests. I do this so that other women may take a lesson to stand up to bullies and low life’s like this and may get the confidence to stand up as well in case he is known to us and is targeting all of us, but we’re either too scared, ashamed or clueless in how to manage or handle such situations.
I implore you to share this post with as many people as you know to get the word out. Perhaps someone may be able to locate this person through his digital footprint.
Please help me in nabbing this sick pervert.
If you find any information on this, please inbox me so I can report it to the Detective working on the case or you may contact him directly on +1 301 699 2601 and mention my name for reference.
Grateful for your help in this, I have enclosed along with this screen shots of his emails- I have deleted the photos/videos he had attached.
Thanks for all your help and support in this.
Yours truly,

Here’s a look at Taruna’s original Facebook post…


Taruna says that she believes that the cyber bully is miles away from her Maryland address. She has urged people to share her post as much as possible to make it easier for them to catch the pervert.

Taruna, this brave step of yours will inspire many girls who still feel afraid of facing such bullies. Your effort and bravery surely deserve applause!


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