Tarek Fatah Slams A Pakistani Over The Wearing Of The Hijab And Explains The Truth

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10:34 am 24 Nov, 2016

The contentious debate over the wearing, or not, of the hijab or burka has been raging on across this ideologically polarised world. Muslims believe that wearing the hijab or burka is compulsory for women under Islam. Some, however, claim that the Holy Quran makes no mention of it and so it is not compulsory.

One Pakistani conservative tweeted that wearing the hijab is a “way of living”. The tweet has now been removed but not before Tarek Fatah slammed it.


Another Twitter user asked Fatah to prove whether wearing of the hijab or burka is mandatory under Islam or is it just another diktat of the radicals.


Tarek Fatah then made his case against the wearing of the headcover by Muslim women:


He contends that the wearing of the hijab or burka is a custom created by the mullahs. The Islamists he refers to in his tweet are the radicals whose violent understanding of the world is known to all, and which is completely against the teachings of the Quran.

One Twitter user, however, said that the mention of the headcover has been made in the Quran:


And another pointed to the cultural roots of the hijab:

Hijab is a headscarf generally worn by Shia Muslim women whereas the burka, or head-to-toe black garment that covers every part of the body except the eyes, is usually worn by Sunni Muslim women. Every woman in the highly conservative Saudi Arabia wears a burka. But there is no uniform pattern. For instance most women in Sunni majority Turkey dress up in western attire while the conservatives prefer a headscarf over a burka. In Muslim majority southeast Asian countries, the headscarf or the burka assumes a different colour, style or make, and at times is totally absent.

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