10 Lessons That Ved, From The Movie ‘Tamasha’, Taught Us About Love, Life And Dreams

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2:26 pm 9 Dec, 2015

Imtiaz Ali’s profound creativity blended with clinging and grasping sufism made ‘Tamasha’ a must watch for everyone. His effortless direction and detailed attention to the whims of all his characters touched everyone’s soul. Ranbir Kapoor rejuvenated his divine chemistry with Deepika and they ignited their intriguing reel romance.

Ranbir’s character (Ved) is a lost child who is forced to become an engineer and ends up losing his true self.Deepika (Tara) unlocks his hidden flirtatious aura but she exits his life soon and Ved comes back to his robotic life. Finally, in the end, after meeting with her again, he finds his true self.

His journey from a lost child to a storyteller gives us so many valuable lessons:

1. If you want to find your passion, learn to free yourself first.

Passion cannot be realized by being mechanical. That crazy thought which stops you from getting lost is the only thing standing between your undiscovered passion and you.

If you are too afraid to wonder, then you’re too afraid to live.


2. If you really want to talk to a stranger, don’t hesitate.

No matter how shy you are, there will always come a moment when your reserved nature will betray you and you will want to share your heart with a stranger. Just make the move!


3. It’s important to fight for your passion.

Finding your passion is a struggle in itself, but fighting for it with society for acceptance is a laborious battle. Don’t give up until you prove everyone wrong.

4. We all are part of the same story.

This article is part of my story and but as you read this, you unknowingly get connected with my life and vice-versa. I personally believe that God has written just one story and every human being is a part of it.

5. Unless you share your passion with your parents, they will never understand your inner self.

Your parents may take time to understand you but eventually, they will. Try to share your deepest insecurities and fears with them and as you share, togetherness will grow.


6. The person who really loves you will help you to discover your true self.

The person who understands you, will love you unconditionally. He or she will try to untangle all your shyness and free your crazy side, which you often hide from other people.


7. There are no rules in life.

Honestly, there is no well defined path to be rich and happy. All those who have achieved greatness have followed different routes and stood by their own rules. Make your own path but most importantly, believe that it is the right one.

8. Traveling alone will set you free.

Traveling alone makes you a better observer of people and places, which in turn has the power to make you more compassionate and a better person overall.


9. Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice happens for a reason.

There are no accidents, my friend.


10. Being mad is actually normal; it’s a prerequisite for creativity.

Madness can be intelligence. Being mad is the locus of creativity. People don’t acknowledge that it is a gift from God and should be cherished.


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