Are You A Movie Stud Or A Blabbering Dud? Take Your Pick From These IMDB 250 Movies And Find Out.

8:00 pm 4 Jul, 2014


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Oh, wait! Why did you take this challenge anyway?


[message start=”3″ end=”4″]

Are you sure you know what exactly IMDB is?


[message start=”5″ end=”6″]

Devoid of class, you’re dumbing down.


[message start=”7″ end=”8″]

You’re terribly sluggish in watching ‘quality’ movies.


[message start=”9″ end=”10″]

You can’t be labelled as a ‘classic’ movie lover.


[message start=”11″ end=”12″]

Do you realize you’ve the connoisseur spark?


[message start=”13″ end=”14″]

Carry on! You’ve developed a taste for penultimate movies.


[message start=”15″ end=”16″]

Whoa! You’re a professional and mature movie watcher.


[message start=”17″ end=”18″]

Aren’t you a movie nerd? Oh, yes! You are.


[message start=”19″ end=”20″]

You nailed it! You’re the biggest fan around.


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