Tablet Didis Of Jharkhand Working To Fulfill The Dream Of Digital India

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7:00 pm 13 Jan, 2016

The women of Jharkhand have set an extraordinary example of women empowerment in India. Having kids in their laps and a tablet in their hands, they are known as “Tablet Didis” of Jharkhand.

These women, who have never seen or touched cell phones, are operating tablets to record the financial activities of their Self Help Groups (SHGs).



These Tablet Didis are famous in their villages and adjacent areas. Now, tablets have become their identity and they are known because of them.

Uma, one of the woman who uses tablet, said that once this device was just a wonder to her, but it has now become her strength.

She said that she is now the Tablet Didi of her village. These women are from the remotest villages of Jharkhand.

They have come out from the social taboos of the society and have worked as the change makers.



Once poverty-ridden, they have now come out of it after joining the SHG under Livelihood Mission.

They are now working to eliminate poverty in Jharkhand. These women are also playing a significant role in capturing data and transactions of each meeting of SHGs.

It is because of their hardwork and dedication that anyone can check the details of any SHG meeting of any remote village of Jharkhand on exact time.

The great and arduous work of these Tablet Didis should be applauded as it proves that anything is possible if you have belief and work hard.

Most of these women earn their livelihood through this work, and some of them are bread earners of their own families.



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This is an important initiative towards digitization, as it seeks to alleviate poverty. It also encourages economic and social growth and bridges the perceived ‘digital divide’.

The initiative not only brings a positive change in the society but is also helping rural woman to acquire new skills and capacities which allows them to open new avenues of livelihood.

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