While Europe Extends Help, Syrian Refugees Refuse Food And Water

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12:51 pm 8 Sep, 2015

Just a few days ago the world woke up to the plight of Syrian refugees with the heart-wrenching sight of the lifeless body of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi on a Turkish beach. He was among 12 others who died while trying to make escape certain death in Syria.

A video footage has now emerged from Europe which shows a train full of Syrian refugees refusing food packets and bottled water offered to them by local police in Hungary.

The video also shows many kids running forward to accept the food packages but the adults refusing the help and throwing them on the tracks.


You can also hear the adults vocally protesting in the background, even as confused police try their best to give them food.

While the news about Syrian Refuges going hungry and being denied food has been making the rounds for some time now, this kind of response by many refugees came as a surprise since Aylan Kurdi’s drowning incident provoked many European countries to open their doors to Syrian refugees.

The video was reportedly shot a day before UK Prime Minister David Cameron spoke up in favour of refugees and told the British parliament that the suffering of the Syrian people and others trying to make it to Europe in recent weeks was “heartbreaking”.

He then informed that UK was going to do its part and was stepping up its effort to help those displaced by ongoing conflicts in their countries.

He added that the existing ‘Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme’, which has been in place since early 2014, would be expanded, allowing an additional 20,000 people currently living in refugee camps in Syria, Turkey and Jordan being resettled in UK by year 2020.


Though the reason behind this particular protest and refusal is still not clear, a commentator said that it could be due to the due to the Dublin Treaty – which states that a refugee needs to register and apply for asylum in the country where first arrived in. The refugees do not want to register themselves in Hungary given its political and economic conditions. But Hungary is not letting them travel onward to Germany, their destination.

Another reason behind such a behaviour could be that Hungary may have tricked hundreds of people into taking a train to a refugee camp outside Budapest instead of letting them travel to Germany.

But this action has also sent out a very negative image of the refugees.


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