Petitions In High Court Seek To Allow Atheists To Take Oath In Name of Constitution

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10:28 am 15 Apr, 2016

Two persons have filed PIL in Bombay High Court to allow people, who practice ‘atheism’, to take oath in name of the of Constitution in the courts.

At present, as per Oath Act, 1969, a witness or any person who deposes in the court, can swear in the name of God or by placing hands on a religious book.


The petitioners cited two court incidents where two government officers had wanted to take oath by putting their hands on the Constitution, but were not allowed to do so.

Sunil Mane and wife Laxmikanta Mane, in their petition, said, “The Oaths Act, 1969, needs to be declared as violative of Articles 14, 19 and 21 of the Constitution.”

An officer of Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation has made a similar plea in an another petition.



The petitioners wish to assert that the Constitution is the only modern sacred book and the democratic values in the society. It will also help in unnecessary flaring of communal thoughts.

Besides that, it will also not create problems for people who are atheists.


The petitions will come up for hearing in due courses.


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