A Top US University Might Ban The Hindu Swastika Symbol Because Of Its Nazi Ties

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5:28 pm 25 Apr, 2015

The George Washington University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, might ban the Hindu-Buddhist holy symbol of swastika from its campus because…ahem…it resembles the Nazi symbol.


Reports state that a Jewish student on a spring break to India, brought back with him a swastika, which he then affixed on the bulletin board of his Jewish fraternity’s residence hall.

A fraternity member saw it as a threat to the Jewish community and informed the police. The investigation was closed after it became clear to all parties that there was no threat and that the swastika was only meant to symbolize the Hindu-Buddhist belief of prosperity.


Creative Commons

Creative Commons

But Steven Knapp, the president of the university, remained defiant on his stand of likening the incident that happened in February to hate crime. He declared:

“While the student claims his act was not an expression of hatred, the university is referring the matter … for review by its Hate Crimes Unit.”


A letter calling the swastika “an antisemitic symbol associated with genocide perpetrated against the Jewish people” was signed by major Semitist groups and sent to Knapp.


International House

The International House, where the “vandalism” was reported. Katie Causey | Hatchet Staff Photographer

This is not all, the innocent Jewish student who posted the swastika now faces expulsion. If that happens, a ban on swastika will follow.

Fighting the case of the under-fire student, John Banzhaf, a famed public interest law professor at the George Washington University Law School, told The Daily Caller that the University move can be treated as a violation of free speech and argued:

“It’s like banning the 6-pointed Jewish Star of David because some people might mistake it for the pentagram symbol and human sacrifice, or expelling a student for using the word ‘niggardly’ because other students may mistake it for a racist word and get upset.”


Jews have every reason to hate anything related to the Nazis, but varsities and the US society must realize that the Nazi symbol was different from the swastika in the manner they were or are displayed. A Nazi swastika is tilted at a particular angle and is clearly different from a Hindu-Buddhist swastika. Would they now hate the holy words of shahada just because the Islamic State flags and all jihadi flags sport it?

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