Sushma Swaraj’s Husband’s Epic Reply To A Tweet Shows That He Is As Witty As Her

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10:41 pm 7 Sep, 2016

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is well known for her hard work in the Foreign ministry and is also hugely popular on social media because of her Tweets.


While she is well known for her quick SOS response, she is equally popular amongst her followers for giving witty replies to her Twitter trolls.

The Foreign minister, along with her husband Swaraj Kaushal was recently tagged in a tweet by a curious Twitterati.


While one waited for Foreign Minister to reply, it was her husband Mr. Kaushal who scored a quick comeback with his response.


What is more, it seems even Mrs. Swaraj agreed to her husband, as she even re-tweeted his response.

Looking at that amazing reply, you surely have won our respect Mr. Kaushal, Hats off!


Sushma Swaraj with husband Swaraj Kaushal. Twitter

Sushma Swaraj with husband Swaraj Kaushal. Twitter


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