Subramanian Swamy Was Right When He Said That Some Students Of JNU Are Anti-Nationalists

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4:00 pm 11 Feb, 2016

Something very ugly happened in Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi on Tuesday. A left-wing group of students clashed with a right-wing group over a meet to hail Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru and Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front co-founder Maqbool Bhat as “martyrs”.

That triggered the #ShutdownJNU hashtag on Twitter.

It is noteworthy that JNU administration had revoked permission for such a demonstration, but the group of students went ahead with the same. They cried anti-India slogans on the campus and called for India’s destruction.

You can see all of it here in this video:


Take a look at these images. Do you see any difference in thought?



The one on the left is of an anti-India group in Pakistan. To the right is the anti-India group in India.

So what should one do about the JNU?

The quick-fix could be roping in Subramanian Swamy as the JNU vice-Chancellor.

His name was doing the rounds a few months ago for the same. And, he is the only one to have pointed out in September last year that the JNU campus had become a home of “naxalites and jihadis”. Tuesday’s group of protestors proved him right.




JNU Subramanina


Swamy has done some remarkable things in his political career. He can sniff the rot anywhere; he can do the same with JNU.

He is the one because of whom Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had to appear in court in connection to the National Herald case.


R (1)

R (2)


Though Swamy has critics among the BJP too, he is vehemently hated by the leftists. It is not a surprise that when Swamy’s name was doing the rounds as a likely candidate for the JNU V-C post, the left-wing students group protested it.

Now comes the big question: How Left can the Left-Wing be? Is not crying anti-India slogans on the campus of one of, what is believed to be, the most prestigious institutions of the country a treason?



And this is why Tufail Ahmad, a renowned political commentator, asked on Twitter:



And the Leftists have reduced JNU’s prestige to such a level that people of the country almost equate them with terrorists:






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