Swamy Tweeted On GDP And The Media Behaved Exactly Like He Had Assumed

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5:07 pm 1 Jul, 2016

Indirectly aiming at Subramanian Swamy, Congress leader Kapil Sibal had said on Monday that the MP is a “nuclear fissile material”.

“They (the BJP) have brought nuclear fissile material in Parliament and kept it there. It will implode them. (Finance Minister Arun) Jaitley is feeling being imploded”, Sibal told reporters.

Time will tell whether or not Sibal’s words are prophetic but Swamy is a smart man.

On July 1, Subramanian Swamy took to his favourite announcing platform Twitter to write this cryptic message:


And indeed the media cried “anti-party”.

According to Zee News, Swamy’s tweet is hinting at the possibility of the government not doing well on the economic front. Even Financial Express reported the same while taking a jibe at ‘Acche Din‘. Then there is Firstpost, which wrote a lengthy article trying to decipher the message in Swamy’s tweet. News Karnataka too followed suit.

Of course, the Hindi publications, too, were not far behind. Aaj Tak reported that Swamy’s tweet will certainly hurt Modi. Patrika towed the Financial Express line.

The Samuelson-Swamy theory is Swamy’s work with noted economist Paul Samuelson – who Swamy considers his guru. In his tweet, Swamy was referring to their work called the Theory of Index Numbers published in the American Economic Review, 1974. It is another thing that the transparency and intricacies of India’s GDP computation methodology has been questioned by analysts.

Swamy’s ‘attack’ comes days after PM Modi indirectly criticized his relentless barbs on RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan.

Ever since he entered the Rajya Sabha as an MP two months ago, Swamy has targetted everyone from his critics to his own party members, especially Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, on Twitter.

Whatever may be the media’s own hypothesis about the Rajya Sabha MP and his relation to his party, Swamy appears to be in the mood Rhett Butler was in during this scene from ‘Gone With the Wind’.


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