Sushmita Sen Has The Sassiest Reply To The Journalists Asking Her And Salman ‘Why Single?”

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3:01 pm 25 Aug, 2016

In a recent event, Sushmita Sen was asked the same question media still pesters Salman Khan with. And such was the predictability of this question that Sushmita guessed the question even before the journalist could finish it.

”Why are you still single?”

Ah! I wonder how could these journalists even get the audacity to ask such a personal question. Anyway, Sush being Sush turned around the question in her stride like a boss. Of course, in her sassiest way!

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Aap do aise log se sawaal kar rahe ho, who celebrate being single. They’re not single because they didn’t find anyone. They did that by choice and GO Salman, GO Sush!


Such is our society. No matter how far you come, you are a failure if you’ve not found ‘the one’. Your glorious achievements go down the drain if you do not have a ring on your finger or someone to come home to. Isn’t it time we change it?

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