This Is How Sushma Swaraj Is Saving An Indian Woman From Her Abusive Pakistani Husband

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1:15 pm 21 Mar, 2017

Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is helping an Indian woman who was tricked into marrying a Pakistani man and then ‘held hostage’ there.


Swaraj, in a series of tweets, revealed that she had received a YouTube plea to save this woman by her father, who said that his daughter was being held hostage by her Pakistani husband.


Taking immediate action on his plea, Swaraj contacted the Indian High Commission in Pakistan and asked them to immediately contact the victim and was ensure her safe return to India.


The woman, who has been identified as Mohammadia Begum, is an Indian national and was tricked into marrying Muhammad Younis in 1996 after he concealed his actual nationality and claimed that he was from Oman.

But after their marriage, Begum realised that Younis was actually from Pakistan and not what he had claimed to be.

According to Swaraj, Begum then began to be ill-treated by her husband and in-laws.


Swaraj also added that Begum during her meeting with the members of Indian High Commission expressed her desire to return to India.

As her passport had expired last year, Swaraj asked the Indian High Commission to renew it and facilitate her return home.

According to Begum’s father, her husband abuses her asks her children to keep themselves away from her as “she is a Hindustani and all Hindustanis are Hindus.”

He also added that her husband has even threatened her that he will now allow her to go back to India alive and has even married another woman who is from Pakistan.
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