Another Act Of Kindness By Sushma Swaraj Made Twitteratis Shower Their Love and Praise On Her

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1:26 pm 2 Dec, 2016

The External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, is famous for her big heart and helpful nature. Though, it’s really hard to help each and every person because of India’s whopping population. But, Sushma Swaraj makes sure to help as many people as she can.



Another act of kindness of Sushma Swaraj came in notice when she asked for the reports of the man who walked almost 1,000 Km to Dubai court in desperation of returning home.

Take a look at her tweet…


Jagannathan Selvaraj from Tiruchirappalli, survived traffic, heat, sandstorms and exhaustion to make it to the labor court proceedings. It has been almost 2 years, since he has been struggling to return home.



To attend the court hearings, Jagannathan had to spend 4 hours, 2 hours each way,  every single time. For several months now, he has been living in a public park in Sonapur.

Sushma Swaraj’s tweet regarding this man gathered a lot of good wishes from the Twitter users. Twitteratis praised her for her kindness…






Since the case has gone under the notice of Sushma Swaraj, we can now hope that Jagannathan Selvaraj will get help to return home.


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