Why M.S. Dhoni Lost His Cool,Tells Sushant Singh Rajput In This Short Interview

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6:26 pm 12 Aug, 2016

We got an emotional glimpse of Dhoni’s unheard struggle as the gripping trailer of his biopic ‘M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story’ released yesterday. The trailer tracks the journey of this cricket extraordinaire from his boyhood days to the glory of the Cricket world cup. Behind his calmness there rested thundering storms, which urged him to follow his passion and quit his government job as a railway ticket collector.

If you have missed the trailer, watch it right below and I am sure, you won’t be disappointed:

During the launch of the trailer, M.S. Dhoni and Sushant Singh were present and shared a couple of interesting stories that happened during the process of filming this biopic. The media took the best of this opportunity and asked Dhoni whether he is worried or nervous about how the film has shaped.

Dhoni told the media:

 “I am not worried at all as I have confidence in the crew. Right from the start we were on the same page. I have seen his (Neeraj Pandey) films and I like how he puts things on the screen. We were clear right from the beginning that we do not want to make a movie which makes me look like a hero. It was more about the journey so that people can relate to it. At the end of the day, when you reach the goal, it’s the small decisions that you take has the impact.”

The journey is more important than arriving at the destination. When we strive to achieve something big, it comes without saying that hardships will always be part of the way to the top.

We had always thought of Dhoni as a mystical man, who never gets angry but it’s so not true. Sushant tells us how Dhoni lost his cool when they were discussing his character:

“For the first time, I have seen Dhoni losing his cool. First two to three days I asked him some questions and he answered them calmly. Then he said you ask lot of questions, let me come back. I was just asking him one question in different ways again and again.”

To which Dhoni added:

“He used to ask one question repeatedly and if he gets similar answer then he used to believe that I am being honest and then he used to go to next question. It was a bit awkward initially to speak about yourself. After 15 minutes you get bored talking about yourself and I was like I need a break, I am going.”

Sushant, being an analytical actor, may have irritated Dhoni but I guess, it was a compulsion for him to ask questions to understand the character. The trailer says it all. Right?

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