Supreme Court Says Odd-Even Scheme Won’t Be Cancelled, Whole City Must Cooperate

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5:45 pm 14 Jan, 2016

The Supreme Court on January 14 ruled that Delhi government’s odd-even scheme will not be cancelled, in order to curb the rising pollution levels in Delhi.

Refusing to hear an urgent hearing on a plea challenging the Delhi government’s notification on the odd-even formula, Chief Justice of India T S Thakur, said that he, along with other judges are car-pooling to work.

He added:

“People are dying of pollution. The government is taking steps to control pollution. Everyone must cooperate.”

Terming the petition as a “publicity stunt,” he said, “There is no urgency in the matter. Let it come up in due course.”

The Delhi government on January 1 had implemented the odd-even number plate formula on trial basis for 15 days.

Under this experiment, private cars will run on alternate days based on their registration numbers. The rule requires cars with odd registration number to run on odd dates of the month and even registration numbers to run on even dates of the month. Sundays have been kept open for all the vehicles.

The experiment will see its final day of trial on January 15.

Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had set this experiment so as to combat the toxic smog in the national capital, to asses how the odd-even experiment impacts the air quality of the city.

Earlier this week, the Delhi High Court had also ruled in favor of the trial and decided not to cut it short.

Though no concrete evidence has come forward with regard to failure or success of the experiment, both its critics and supporters have come up with some compelling arguments for their respective sides.

Where critics have said that Delhi does not have enough public transport to allow a smooth commute when the number of cars on roads is restricted; there are others who claim that the air quality of the national capital has shown signs of improvement as compared to earlier pollution levels.

It must be noted that Delhi in the past has regularly crossed the safe pollution limit set by World Health Organization and was labelled as one of the most polluted (air pollution) cities in the world.

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