Supreme Court Bans Political Advertisements Featuring Leaders Other Than The President, PM And CJI

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12:08 pm 14 May, 2015

Be ready to bid adieu to those narcissistic ads that pester you with the undue glorification of even the most insignificant political leaders.

The Supreme Court has banned the issuing of advertisements containing photos of chief ministers, ministers and political leaders of ruling parties. The only three people you will, from now on, get to see in such ads are the President, the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of India, reports the Times of India.

Issuing the order, a bench of Justices Ranjan Gogoi and P.C. Ghose said that such advertisements of politicians, which are funded by the taxpayer’s money, only goes on to develop a personality cult in the country – a direct antithesis of democratic functioning.


The court said that the birth and death anniversary of a “few acknowledged and undisputed public figures whose contribution to the national cause cannot raise any dispute or debate” can be marked with advertisements containing the leader’s picture. It, however, stated that only one advertisement issued by a central authority will suffice.


So, technically, you will be relieved of the pain you feel seeing the pages of your newspaper, favourite online sites and screens of your favourite channel getting dominated by the photos of leaders you do not like. Even hoardings of political leaders are not allowed.


Obviously, the Congress party has been hit hard. But that is a good thing because according to a 2013 TOI report, the government spending on ads of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi alone amounts to Rs. 53.2 crore.


Total ad expenditure



The court, however, refused to restrain leaders and political parties from publishing advertisements six months prior to election.


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