This Supercut Shows How Jon Snow Transformed From A Bastard To King In The North

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12:13 pm 3 Jul, 2016

When we first saw him six summers ago, he was a brooding teen unsure of his fate and almost unloved by most of his family.

Today, as the white raven announced the arrival of a long winter, the bastard Jon Snow is being hailed as the King in the North. Indeed, the Stark-born has come a long way.




So a fan of the show, David Garuchara of The Garo Studios, created a supercut from all of the seasons of the Game of Thrones featuring Jon Snow.

Brilliantly edited, we see Jon rise from the dead as Maester Aemon’s voice in the background tells him to “kill the boy and let the man be born”.




See that transition of Snow (or Targaryen, as many would now call him) – the hero that he is of the series.


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