9 Super Cops You Must Follow On Twitter

11:23 pm 11 Jan, 2016

The entire top brass of Bangalore Police is on Twitter. And no, they are not just sharing newspaper cuttings and re-tweeting their praise tweets but they are actually addressing real-time problems.


1. M N Reddi @CPBlr

M N Reddi, IPS, Your Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru City.

The ring leader, the Commissioner himself heads his cavalcade on Twitter. And he calls himself ‘Your Commissioner’.

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2. Sandeep Patil @DCPCentralBCP

Deputy Commissioner of Police – Central Division, Bengaluru City.

Theft, eve teasing, bribe issues – he deals with them all.

IPS on Twitter


3. Rohini K Sepat, IPS Verified account

Rohini K Sepat, [email protected]

Deputy Commissioner of Police – South East Division, Bengaluru City.

#desptiebeingawomn (pun intended) Let’s work together she says. Takes complaints on email, and then resolves them. Her personal mobile number is not a secret, which is quite uncharacteristic of a Civil Servant in India. Top and tough cop indeed.



4. M A Saleem @AddlCPTraffic

Additional Commissioner of Police – Traffic, Bengaluru City.

If ever there is a road block or a political rally happening on the streets of Bangalore, Mr Saleem would be the first one to let you know about which road to take and which one to avoid. Any problem with the Bangalore autowallahs, let him know. He will let them know in return.



5. Abhishek Goyal @goyal_abhei

Karnataka Cadre IPS Officer Qualification: B Tech in Computer Sciences, IIT Delhi

We don’t know if calling an IPS officer a nerd or geek is punishable under IPC or not but for sure this cop is passionate about web and mobile technology. Bringing technology to his police stations seems to be his long term objective. Cyber Crime, nailing hackers is his forte.

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6. Dr Muktesh Chander @mukteshchander

IPS Officer, DCP North, Delhi Police. सत्यमेव जयते ! शांति सेवा न्याय !

I am Dr Muktesh Chander, an officer from Indian Police Service of 1988 batch UT cadre, currently heading Delhi Traffic Police unit.



7. Hemant Nimbalkar [email protected]

Looking after investigation & monitoring of Economic Offences & Cyber Crimes (All offences committed using Computer or Computer resources including internet)



8. Rama Rajeswari [email protected]_rajeswari

Indian Police Service (IPS), Deputy Commissioner of Police, Malkajgiri Zone, Cyberabad, Munnar native, occasionally scribbles, running/travel enthusiast.



9. Abhishek Dular @adullar

The only cop from Himachal who not only engages with people on Twitter but also updates daily activities on a blog. And wherever he goes, his blog follows. Also follows special IT Training Programmes for his personnel. All his departmental circulars go online.

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