Sunny Leone Congratulated Donald Trump On Twitter And She Thinks He Will Change History. Really?

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4:05 pm 9 Nov, 2016

US voters have elected Donald Trump as their new president and republicans have won the US house. Donald Trump, infamous for his racist and sexist behavior on public platforms has zero political experience. And quite shockingly, the majority of The United States of America has picked him for the most powerful political stature in the world. In short, USA plunges into an uncertain future!

Since the presidential results came out, celebs have been tweeting endlessly, some showing their dismay while others wishing Donald Trump good luck for his presidential term.

Sunny Leone tweeted too, expecting Donald to change history. Is it not too soon to predict this?



She calls him an underdog and shows her belief in him:

At the same time, she is concerned that how Donald can misuse his power. Emoticons say a lot!


Altogether, Sunny looks confused and well, her doubts will fade soon in time to come!

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