Dr. Suniti Solomon, The First One To Document HIV Infection In India, Passes Away

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7:01 pm 28 Jul, 2015

She was a pioneer in treating HIV patients since the 80s, at a time when many physicians were reluctant to even touch such patients. Dr. Suniti Solomon, who was the first to document evidence of HIV infection in India in 1986, passed way on Tuesday morning in Chennai, reports Indian Express.

Founder of the first voluntary HIV testing and counselling centre, Y R Gaitonde Center for AIDS Research and Education (YRG CARE) in Chennai, Dr. Solomon was also a member of the National Technical Team on women and AIDS and a member of the advisory board of International AIDS Vaccine Initiative-India.

In 1980s, she collected six blood samples from female sex-workers that sent first shockwaves of the deadly virus in India.

The first findings of the deadly virus, in Tamil Nadu, was even read out in the state legislative assembly.


Dr. Suniti will always be remembered as a doctor who dared to deal with HIV at a time when many physicians were reluctant to enter that field.

She used to recall an unforgettable case in which she treated a pregnant woman tested positive in 1992, who delivered a baby who also tested positive, although he live to the age of 17.


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