Suffering And Hope Of Syrian Children Come Together In Bansky Animated Graffiti

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10:00 am 15 Mar, 2014

No one knows who Bansky is but the US-based graffiti artist has done something for which he should be hailed the world over. His new animated graffiti tells the sad story of Syrian children while giving them a hope of a beautiful future. Millions of people have been affected by the ongoing civil war in Syria – 90 percent of them are non-combatants. is an initiative to bring the world together to mark the third anniversary of the Syrian crisis. The red balloon in the video symbolises “messages of hope to Syrians”. Hollywood star Idris Elba and football wizard Cristiano Ronaldo join the cause for Syrian children.


Credit: Adam Townsend via YouTube. Visit the website and join others on #WithSyria.



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