How Subramanian Swamy Blasted Rajdeep Sardesai When The Latter Tried Defending Sonia Gandhi

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8:37 pm 29 Apr, 2016

Subramanian Swamy can be called the greatest nemesis of the Gandhi family. It was he who unearthed the National Herald scam and brought Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi to the court.

This time he is one of those who are relentlessly trying to bring those involved in bribe taking in the AgustaWestland chopper scam to justice.


The AgustaWestland helicopter.

The AgustaWestland helicopter.

It is because of this reason that the BJP gave Swamy the opportunity to decimate the Congress and the Gandhi family in the Rajya Sabha a couple of days ago.

So afraid were the Congress workers of Swamy that they stormed into the well of the Upper House creating a din that prevented the newly elected BJP MP from speaking.

But Swamy has other ways to put his argument across, and one of them is talking to the nation via the media.

In a panel discussion with India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai, Swamy alleged that Sonia Gandhi has two bank accounts outside the country – Sarasin Bank in Geneva and Pictet Bank in Zurich.

At this Sardesai immediately jumped to counter Swamy by repeatedly asking him whether he had the bank account numbers.

Swamy kept on telling him that the enforcement directorate is doing its job and is onto the same.




When Swamy told Sardesai that lot of Congress ministers will stand exposed in the AgustaWestland Scam bribe case, the senior journalist kept on insisting that there was “lot of smoke without fire”.

Even Swamy doesn’t need to counter this baseless argument of Sardesai because the Italian court which convicted Giuseppe Orsi and Bruno Spagnolini, former Finmeccanica chief and former head of AgustaWestland, respectively, itself pointed fingers at UPA leaders and senior officials during the Congress-led government of the time indicating that there definitely is a fire.

However, Swamy told Sardesai that the latter had made the same futile argument during the National Herald case, which is now known to all.

Swamy remained focused on the matter in hand – AgustaWestland Scam and Gandhi family’s involvement in it. He said that the ED is investigating the foreign bank accounts of the Congress president and it is their job.




Swamy said that a parliamentary discussion was essential. But Sardesai, who is a proponent of talks between India and Pakistan despite Pak-sponsored terrorist attacks, responded saying that a “discussion won’t get you anywhere”

Sardesai argued that Arun Jaitley should send a team to investigate. At this Swamy blasted him telling him that he has not been listening to the parliamentarian all this while about the ED and the CBI investigations.

“You are full of yourself,” Swamy admonished Sardesai.

In the absence of anything else, Sardesai repeatedly said that it was a “serious allegation”. He also goofed up on the location of one of the banks by taking Germany’s name instead of Zurich. Swamy immediately corrected him.

Surprisingly, Abhishek Manu Shingvi of the Congress hardly got a chance to speak. Why?




You can watch the exchange between Sardesai and Swamy here:

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