So What Exactly Is Subramanian Swamy’s ‘Operation Sanitize JNU’?

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6:24 pm 17 Feb, 2016

The JNU row has escalated into an all-out war between ‘nationalists’ and ‘anti-nationalists’. While JNU students are receiving support from Opposition politicians and left-ideologues in the media and intelligentsia, the government is cracking coming down hard on the ‘anti-India’ atmosphere in the prestigious institution.

In the midst of this battle of ideologies comes an ominous message posted by Subramanian Swamy.



What he means by the ‘Operation Sanitize’ is not clear.

Twitterati is urging him not to use the Opposition down but punish only those guilty of raising ‘anti-India’ slogans, hinting at how it might unfold.

Also yesterday, Swamy had, in an interaction with the press, called for the shutdown of JNU for four months before allowing students back in.

“JNU must shut down for 4 months and reopen after getting the students to sign the affidavit stating to uphold constitution of India, only those would be allowed to come back.”

“JNU is opposed to India,” Swamy declared.

Swamy has a long history with the JNU. His name was doing the rounds for the post of vice-Chancellor of the university.

He had then called the students of the university “naxalites” and “jihadis” insisting that a BSF camp should be installed on JNU campus.


Praveen Khanna/EXPRESS PHOTO

Praveen Khanna/EXPRESS PHOTO

The police arrested JNU student’s union leader Kanhaiya Kumar on charges of sedition. The whereabouts of Umar Khalid, the leader of Democratic Student Union (DSU), the main organizer of the Afzal Guru event, is still not known.

Late yesterday, the students of left-leaning Jadavpur University of Kolkata expressed solidarity with their JNU comrades raising pro-aazadi and Afzal Guru slogans.


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